2D Maze Game.

Today, I have been working on re-designing the assets for a 2D maze game created in Adobe Animate. The coding and basis of the game was provided to us so that I didn’t have to worry about any of the coding, just changing the assets. I am not to good at drawing on computers so I used the shapes available to create the designs of my character as well as obstacles.


This is the title screen for my game(with some bad puns). The player for the game is located on the top right hand of the image and the objective is to reach the goal that is on the bottom right of the screen. The text also acts as a hazard so you can’t just go straight through it in order to proceed with the game. Before I had made these changes, the character and the goal was just a basic square and the background was just plain grey so I had added a different design to the game overall. The character has animations including mouth movement.


This is the first actual stage of the game, I tried to make the layout look catching to the player. At the beginning of making this game, there was some problems since the coding that was provided worked for Adobe Animate; however, at the time, I was using Adobe Flash which meant that I couldn’t really test the game for bugs. The problem was resolved once my class had worked on different computers than has Animate installed on the computers.


If you couldn’t tell, I used the WWE logo as part of my level design. The corners had mad the gaps too small for the character to fit through; therefore, I had to move the corners around a bit so that the character could fit through. Also I had included a glow to the goal to give it a lighted effect.


The third level is a spiral level with the gap between the walls getting slightly smaller near to the end which causes the player to start being more cautious when they get closer to the goal. I wanted this level to be very vibrant with the colours to make level stand out.


The final level consists of a spinning wall that the player has to avoid other wise they will start at the beginning just like a regular wall. I have made the walls close to the spinning obstacle just so that the player couldn’t skip past the level with little to no effort.


This is the last screen in the game. The restart button will restart the entire game causing you to go straight to the title screen.

After I was finished with the development of my maze game, I went around my class to try-out other people’s games to see what they have done to make their maze games different to mine. Some people tried to make their games difficult with a wide variety of obstacles whilst others just kept their designs simple and effective.  There was people who were having some trouble with their games however, as some characters wouldn’t move or they would spawn in the wrong place or they would get killed by the goal, etc.

Later in the development process, I have been able to include music into the levels of my game. Each level has it’s own song and it doesn’t lap over itself or other levels songs. I didn’t compose the music however. Since this game is just about practising making games and not something that I have been out to create, I just got songs off of the Internet into my game.


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