3D Modelling

Throughout the week, I have been making a 3D model of a spaceship in Autodesk Maya. This task’s purpose was too practice my skills and develop them.


This is my design for the spaceship model. I didn’t take any inspiration for this model since my initial plan was to just make a model of an already existing spaceship; however, I didn’t know where to start the model nor what ship that I would like to make a model of.  So I had gone “mad” and just made my own ship with the pyramid tool and extruding left and right.


Below are the screenshots of what my model currently looks like. I have made my edges more round using the Bevel tool located in the Edit Mesh section which ads more face to selected edges to make them more round. I have also used the Soften Edge tool in the Normals section to make the edges on the cog pit non-apparent. The back part of the ship has also been moved up just to make it a bit different.


The quality of model isn’t brilliant and it needs some colour and textures added to my model in order to improve it visually. I may also move the back point of the ship back down so that the height  is the same. I am in conflict as to whether or not I should make all of the ship have round edges or if I should keep it as it is. I think that the colour of the cog pit should be coloured black for now with the ship having dark colours; however, I haven’t properly considered what colour my ship should be.


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