Today’s aftermath

Today I have been working on some drawings for characters just by creating their shadow figures. I created these designs in Photoshop by using the lasso tool to create scribbles then used the fill tool to get a basic design. Afterwards, I filled the gaps to make some characters. Here’s the characters that I have created.


Each of these designs started as just scribbles and ended up as potential character ideas.

I have also been using Unity ( a game engine that is starting to be used in movies as well as games) to get the hang of what Unity contains along with how they are used. So far I have only managed the make blocks fall and create a simple place to play around in. I also included a first person camera which was provided in Unity. This is only the first lesson with Unity and I will be tuning my skills so that I will be able to create games. My current target is to make a walking simulator, it’s basic but it will help develop my skills.

I have updated one of the figures to have more detail in the design so it isn’t just plain and black. I created a new layer and had the settings changed to ‘Linear Dodge’ so that the image and the paint from the paint tool wouldn’t go outside the lines which would cause problems.


This is what my design currently looks like. It isn’t the greatest design and my colouring could be a bit better although I will be trying o make it more visually attractive.


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