Shaping myself.

In today’s lesson, I have been practising using shapes within Adobe Animate. This was to get a hang of using various shapes with different outline tools to create drawings. Underneath is the images that I have created.a-thingage

This nightmare fuel of a drawing is something I made under a 10 minute time limit. I just made whatever it is that I ended up with.


This image was just utilising shapes to create various designs as I used the mouse to move and bend the edges. I also had placed shapes on top of other shapes then deleted them to make a quarter eaten pie and a star in a square.


What may potentially be the secret bad guy of Matilda or whoever has this misery is supposed to be my face. I don’t actually have a top hat but I liked having it in my design. The image below is also supposed to be me; however, the end result didn’t go so well. I think that my “portraits” are better when I first attempted them last year but not by much.



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