Halloween Scene


The screenshot above is a Halloween scene that I have created in Adobe Animated using primitive shapes which was converted into symbols. I simply used the shape tools that was provided in the tool section then moved the lines to make it round. I had included a glow effect to the windows, stars and moon to give it a night-time light effect to my scene.

These are the symbols that were used to create my scene. They are very basic in designs so I used the glow to create more of an lighting effect to make it appear more 3D in a way. I feel like that numerous improvements can be made such as some animations as well as other silhouettes so it isn’t just one house on some hills.

I have been working on turning this scene to a platforming game within Animate. I haven’t made any animations within the game; however, it is something that will be included at a later time.

I started the game with the code provided to us although, the code had been made incorrect in areas causing the character to move left when the player presses right and right when the players press left. I had fixed this error so that the controls weren’t inverted.


The two screenshots above was taken during play mode, the first screenshot was the character spawning from above the actual level falling. This feature is only for testing the game features such as gravity, collision detection and movement so it will be removed before the final build.


I have also added collectable pumpkins to my game so that it feels like a genuine platformer game complete with some coding; however, I don’t know how to code a following camera.







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