3D head modelling in Mudbox


This is a result of trying to create a character head in Autodesk Mudbox during today’s college sessions. I started off with a sphere model then utilised the ‘sculpt’ tool to allow me to pull out some sections of the sphere in order to create the jaw and nose of my sculpture. Holding down the ‘Ctrl’ key allowed me to push in the faces which created the nostrils, sections of the mouth and eye sockets.

I had some difficulty creating this since it was the first time that I have used Mudbox so I wasn’t to sure on how the tools worked or how to make the model look like an actual human face . Also I haven’t learned how to make the human face in Autodesk Maya, a modelling software that I have had more practise with than Mudbox.

The purpose of today’s lesson was to be able to think about designing art within a 3D space to make a change from our initial drawing on  piece of paper or on a drawing program such as Photoshop.




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