Unity Walking Simulator

Currently, I have been working on a Walking simulator created within Unity. I has started off with a simple room with a table, some chairs, a room, a door and a key within it. It’s very basic to start but I had imported a pack which allowed me to include a first person camera with controls to allow the character to move around and jump.


Here’s some screenshots of how my walking simulator currently looks. I had some issues taking these screenshots due to camera not being where I want to be and being unable to take some screenshots. As you can see by my second screenshot, I have included a flashlight mechanic hence why the lighting in the rooms is a bit low but I haven’t made it too dark to the point where you have to use the flashlight to see at all to the point where you keep bumping into things.


Here’s the coding for an inventory system that I am working on, it allows the player to pick up a key simply by clicking on it then clicking on a door for it to open. I am working on getting the doors opening to animate; however, I was experiencing technical difficulties with my keyboard at the time.


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