Model Refinement

I had a conversation with a friend about what improvements should be made to my spaceship model. The major problem that my friend had n0ticed was the roof of my spaceship as it looked fat and ugly. Since I tried to make the roof out of one spaceship model, it looks horrible overall.


As you can see, the edges are all over the place which makes it look untidy with random curves and it just looks horrible. I think that I should keep the roof straight instead of trying to make it round. I will use a separate cube polygon to make the roof then combine the edges to make the roof and make it look like they are one model.

Another issue that he had was the engine at the back of my ship since that ended up being a bit rushed since I accidentally deleted it and had too much work done before I realised that I had deleted it so I couldn’t simply ‘undo’ it. The same reason why my ship no cog pit now. They are easy enough to re-model so I should get that problem sorted soon enough.

The final improvement that my friend was to add some black strips on the wings since for some reason, a section of my wing was black instead of red which made my friend think that it was a cool addition to my ship and wanted a black strip to go all around the wing instead of one small section.



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