Robot Designs.

Today, I am currently working on designs for robot characters. I am starting on looking through Google for images that will inspire my character designs on how they could look and feel.


The main factor that attracts me to this character design is that the face-plates if this character can open to reveal the skeleton on the inside which helps create a more creepy feel within my character so it feels like it belongs in a horror game or something. I also like the realism within the design. For example, on the upper right face-plate, you can see the reflection of Ballora’s arm.


This robotic dinosaur looks like it would fit in a Power Rangers show or anything that would feature mechanical dinosaurs within it. I like how realistic the design is as you can see the individual plates on it as well as the colour which suits the design very well and could be something that would be in an Iron Man movie just by the colour palate.


The is personally one of my favourite of the Power Rangers megazords. It utilises one arm to punch and throw a boomerang and another arm as a drill to go straight through the enemy. The arms can also detach so that other zords can attach for various¬†abilities and ways to defeat the bad guys. I really like the amount of detail that was put into this design and it looks like it fits in with the direction of show. The colours are also very vibrant and the overall shape is very well made since it doesn’t look ‘blocky’, there are some round shapes within the model.


I like this more ‘cartoony’ approach towards the robots design, it looks more like a toy than an actual real-life robot and I like to have an unrealistic approach to some designs. There is lots of detail on each aspect of the model.


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