PS4 model

Currently, I have been working on a model of the PlayStation 4 within Autodesk Maya. This model was rather simple for me to make. It was created out of 2 cube shapes with a few extrusions. I started of rotating the front and back face so that I could get the angle right and it would make it easier then rotating the angle separately. I duplicated the shape then moved it down to make the lower half of the console. For the middle of the console, I simply made an extrusion from the top part so that a square almost covering the entire lower part then extruded them down and connected to the lower half. This did cause some problems hen getting the faces right as they would often connect to the wrong place and I had difficulty selecting the vertices.


The next part of making my model was to get the textures for my model. I had taken screenshots of parts of PS4 consoles on Google Images since I couldn’t find the textures separately and saved them into my ‘Pictures’ folder where I keep all of my images.

Texturing can be rather simple once you get the hang of things. I selected the faces that I wanted to texture then selected the ‘assign new material’ and choose the lambert tool. After applying the first texture, putting textures on using lambert wasn’t properly working as it wouldn’t show the textures so I did this just to give the material a name. Afterwards, I went into the ‘windows’ menu and selected ‘hypershade’ so that I could edit the lambert colour that I had currently used and applied it to my face simply be selecting a face and then ‘assign to selected material’.


Finally I needed to go in the ‘UV Editor’ which can also be found in the ‘Windows’ menu so that I can make a 3D model into a 2D shape by unmapping. It works like the nets that primary kids use only the reverse as you are turning a 3D shape into a 2D net and not a 2D net into a 3D shape. You have to select a face in the regular model mode then hold ‘shift’ and right click so that it you can select ‘planar map’ which should make the textures a bit more clear to see. I needed to rotate and scale the faces on the ‘UV Editor’ mode so that my textures were facing the right way and wasn’t  upside down or showing multiple versions of the textures.


I tried to edit this recently so that the short left section would reflect the light shining onto it in which I found a problem in my model, I didn’t UV unwrap properly since I forgot about selecting ‘UV’ then going into ‘unfold’ and ‘smooth UV’ so the textures ended up going in the wrong place. There is a trick where you can go into the ‘UV’ tab and select ‘automatic’ so that Maya will unfold it for you; however, I haven’t yet fixed the textures so I am unsure if using this has any consequences.


This is my finished model of my PS4. I have updated by making the textures in Photoshop (which I will have already made a blog about) so that my textures should be in the right place and not spreading around sporadically.


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