My room project.

I am currently working on making my room in Maya by making each object separately then putting them together in Unity. I will miss out the PS4 since I have already made a blog on it.

The first thing that I modelled was my games case for something simple to start off with. Now this was basically mode by creating a cube model then bevelling (‘mesh tools’ window then ‘bevel’) the edges so that they are round.


The next part that I have modelled was my Nintendo Wii U plus controller. The principles for modelling the Wii U console is pretty much the same as the game box above; however, the controller proved to be a bit of a struggle. In my first attempt, I tried to increase the amount of faces that my model had so it would make the back section easier in which it did the opposite. My second attempt was more successful as I simply tried to extrude the back which came with more positive results as it looked like how I wanted it.

I had also extruded the corners of the back of the controller for the round parts at the back and extruded the front so I could make the screen of the controller then finished it off with bevelling the corners to make the round edge; although, because of the round back parts, The bottom corners wouldn’t be the same as the top corners. The next part of making the controller was adding on the buttons to it. I made the buttons out of cylinder and cube polygons. The rectangle polygons where used to create the directional buttons and the shoulder buttons whilst all of the other buttons where just small cylinders. I had extruded the sides of the cube to make the cross for the directional buttons. I had extruded the shoulder buttons so that it would match the shape of the top and back of the controller. The final part was of making the model was adding the analogue sticks which is actually rather easy to make: I had placed a cylinder polygon onto the grid then selected the top faces of the model. Then it was simply a matter of scaling and extruding it. I had scaled the faces in the extruded it down and out, I made the extruded it to match the round part of the stick until it was small enough to be extruded up again. I finished it  by continuing the extrusion to get the round part that you put the thumbs on.

Some buttons I used Boolean’s Union (found in the ‘mesh’ window) to combine them and others I just used combine.

wii-u-shot  Wii U

wii-u-c-shot-1wii-u-c-shot-2 Wii U Controller

Up next is the PS3 model which is purely one model with numerous extrusions. It started off as a cube polygon then I had extruded the top face then scaled and moved it to the bottom left corner (your right) get the small corner where the you insert the disk. Afterwards, I had selected the other top faces (all top faces except the disk insert corner you just made) then extruded them up then I went into edges mode by holding ‘right click’ then selecting ‘edges’ followed up by selecting the corner edge of the disk insert then bevel it in order to make it round. I extruded again to scale them in (you just want the top and bottom of the console to come close together, not the sides) to make the round top. Now all that is left is to select the bottom face of the model so that you can extrude it in so that it is smaller than the top part of the model then extrude it down to get the charger ports section.

ps3-shot PS3

Here’s some other models I have made:



















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