3D city concept

Currently, I am working on a 3D city concept which is created in both Autodesk Maya and Adobe Photoshop. I start this out by using Maya in-order to make 3D models using cubes just to create the buildings that maybe seen within a city.building-model-screenshot

I started off with some basic building designs and included some edges to make the buildings more unique such as a round roof building, a zig-zag building, buildings with chimneys, etc. Next, I had taken a screenshot of this model and saved it in my pictures folders in my documents so that I can open it in Photoshop.

With this now opened within Photoshop, I had opened another window so that I could draw some windows onto my buildings. I just used the ‘rectangle’ tool and put some black squares and rectangles all over the place just for quickness as drawing shapes wasn’t was I was focusing on. I copied and pasted the windows image by press ‘ctrl’ + ‘a’ then ‘ctrl’ + ‘c’ on the tab with the rectangles on it then pasted them by pressing ‘ctrl’ + ‘x’ on the tab with my model on it.

The final steps of making this was going onto the ‘layers’ to change ‘normal’ to ‘multiply’ so the drawings will go above the models but not the white background (only white objects won’t go above the image). Then I finished it off with holding ‘right click’ then selecting distort so I could move the edges to match the building to make the buildings have windows then pressed ‘enter’ to approve of the transformation I made. If any windows are overlapping parts of the building that they shouldn’t, such as a building in front, then I can use the eraser tool to remove them but don’t worry about accidentally erasing some thing that you didn’t want removed since the tool only works on the layer selected so the building that you are working on won’t be affected.


Here’s what I have ended up with. This was my first attempt at this so I wasn’t worried about making it perfect.


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