Vehicle designs

Today, I have been working on some concept art for vehicle designs within Photoshop. I started off by getting 5 images of vehicle silhouettes located on Google Images (which is on the left of the image below) to get some already existing designs then mix them up a bit by taking bits and pieces from them and matching them with other parts of the other images. It’s ideal to select all of the layers then ‘right click’ and select ‘Merge layers’.


I used the rectangular marquee tool which is second to the top of the tools bar to select parts of the vehicles ( the ‘Magic Wand Tool’ can also be used)  then held ‘right click’ for an menu to pop up then selected ‘Layer Via copy’ which pastes the selected area onto a new layer. Next you need to position the design by selecting the ‘move’ tool or by pressing ‘Ctrl’ + ‘T’ to enter free transform mode which gives you the ability to scale as well as move.  Now repeat this with other parts of other vehicles but move into the correct position that you want before merging layers as you can’t move them afterwards. Finally, use the ‘brush’ or ‘pencil’ tool to fill in any gaps that you may have left  and polish of the designs.

I choose the tank for the guns on the back, I wanted some of my designs to be able to be in combat or just attack enemies when quickly on the move. I also chose it for the large tyres so that some of my designs would be able to work on all terrains.

The three cars was chosen to suit the various purposes such as a super car for circumstances where speed is required in getting from one place to another. A basic car was chosen because I wanted a basic transportation vehicle which would also provide more protection than a super car.





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