Portfolio presentation

Recently, I had to work on presenting my portfolio in front of some of my lecturers in my games design course. The presentation focused on all of the work that I have done since starting the new course. My plan was to make a PowerPoint presentation and show some screenshots of my work, mainly showing my modelling and artwork. My games along with animations would be presented out of the PowerPoint and then end it with a separate PowerPoint to show my game pitch.

This didn’t go according to plan though. My nerves had gotten the better of me as I don’t like being the focus so I felt like I didn’t really talk about my work in detail. Another issue was that my explosion animation didn’t show up at the beginning  for some reason plus my Photoshop drawing of Nightmare Bonnie wasn’t fully coloured in even though I had definitely saved them in the presentation and had no reason to not be complete. Therefore, I had to say that may drawing was a working progress and not near completion; even though I knew that it was completed.


The next problems that I had to face was my VFX work. For some reason, some content like the fish image had disappeared and none of my VFX content wanted to actually work so I was left with nothing to show in terms of VFX. My Maya animations worked well so there was an up. Although, Maya was also becoming a bit of an issue when trying to complete my portfolio since it didn’t want to load up almost all of my models so for most of my models: I had to use old screenshots of them. Some models I had re-download from my email ( I sent from home unable to us my USB stick), update them again and reapply the textures. The textures didn’t fit due to being for the original so they were too small which resulted in me trying to fix them.

My game pitch worked fine as I explained what my game what my game was, how the game would work as well as any additional features that my game have in detail. The icing on the cake of my worries was that I had completely forgotten to show off any of my games that I had already made.

Overall, I thought that it was a complete disaster, even though I might have a merit for my work, I will try to improve on all the errors that was made during this time although developing my confidence and ability to speak in front of people will be a near impossibility. In reflection, I am strong in terms of modelling  and probably drawing as well. I am capable of coding, even though my lecturers didn’t get to see it. I want to focus my attention towards animating. Animation has always been my biggest interest as I enjoy watching how characters move and animations can be really realistic. In games, I like good animations and don’t really care if the graphics is compared to the PS2.


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