Flash game and animation

I have been working on a Christmas game with a group of my friends for college. I need to create a short Christmas game that should last about 1 minute per go. I started off by looking into other games that are also developed in Adobe Animate/Flash such as Bug Butcher, Ultimate Sonic Flash, Commando 2 and Skull Girls to get some inspiration in terms of level design, animations, character designs, etc. I have also made a quick little explosion animation in Flash.


In games, the drawing that you are making the animation should be converted to a symbol and saved as a movie clip as they can be given an instance name which is useful as some situations such as movement will need to be coded and they need an instance name in order to work. Another reason why converting it into a symbol is so that you can animate it using keyframes without mixing up with the keyframes that has the level layout and anything else that you want in a game as you can edit a symbol.

In terms of the Christmas game, I am working with a group of my friends on different sections of the game. I am currently working on the character with the running and jumping animations.


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