Ident Animation

Over the weeks, I have been working on my ident animation in Maya. My animation needed to be created within six weeks (class weeks, lessons that weren’t on didn’t count). My animation is complete; however, there was some issues during development. Firstly, I ended up losing my work a couple of times, once due to the location of where it was saved deleted by the college (the X drive was removed and I forgot to make an extra copy). The second and third occasion was due to my files corrupted due to not having enough memory on my G drive. After modelling 3 times, I managed to get the animation to work even the rotations on the boomerang which was annoying to get right since it would rotate 360 degrees one way then rotate the other way and back.

My current ident models looks a lot better than when I first created it as my first attempt since I used images of the actual logos, then made my model around them so that the edges was all lined up and the models looked close to what they are meant to look like. The ‘S’ is a lot smoother around the edges, the ‘H’ is more improved and looks closer to the Batman symbol from the Arkham games with the wings going up a bit. The ‘O’ is more round in the edges and the ‘R’ and ‘T’  are slightly improved but they were already how I wanted them to look. ‘GAMES’ didn’t get much of an improvement since I gave the same design on my last two attempts (didn’t get to the part on my first attempt.

From an animation stand point, I think that it could be improved immensely since it is rather rough as it chugs a bit plus it really doesn’t feel that smooth. The ‘O’ does a 360 degree rotation mostly off screen and doesn’t finish till it just gets on screen. The ‘T’ doesn’t connect with the ‘R’ as I would like. When the Batarang hits the ‘S’ they are both meant to move up to show that the ‘S’ was hit and the ‘H’ is stuck on it. Unfortunately, they both sort of disconnect then reconnect at that point so it looks a bit odd. I also wanted the top half of the ‘S’ to lean forward when moving in to make the sense of the ‘S’ is moving itself in place.


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