Sculpture making

In my recent lesson, I had to make a sculpture of a head as part of our art project. I had made drawing of people’s faces on paper and now I need to make a full sculpture. This was actually my first time creating a sculpture so I wasn’t expecting it to be very impressive. I started by putting up a reference of the face that I was going to create, in this case an image of Batman, so that I had an idea of how it should look.

I had some cutting tools to help make the shape. I started by making a sphere with it extended out a bit on the bottom to make the chin. Next, I used the cutting tools and pressed them against the sculpture and dragged to make it more smooth on the edges. The nose of the cowl was made with extra pieces of clay to make the pyramid and fused it with the main piece.

The eyes was cut out to make a sense of depth and the mouth section of the cowl  I had to use the cutting tool to cut into it then smudged  the clay over the tool slightly to make it look like armor on top of the face. Finally, it was just a matter of using the cutting tool to carve to details into the face and armor. I think that it could be more detailed as the overall design isn’t that great. It is my first time making one of these so I wasn’t too surprised of how it turned out but I don’t think that it looked as close to the original design as I would liked. Especially since the nose of the cowl is rather big.


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