Art Facial Project

Today, we have been covering the muscle structure that makes a persons face. I have gathered some images off of the internet and tried to figure how their muscle structure makes their face in order to understand the facial structure when making our artwork.


This is a photograph of YouTuber Juan Ortiz (referred to as John/Johnny) known for his channels SomeCallMeJohnny, Super Gaming Bros and Brainscratch Commentaries. I chose this image due to being a fan of his content; anyway, I tried to draw how I thought that his muscle structure would form his face.

john-muscle-drawing  This is the result of my experiment. I may have went a bit overboard with little parts of the structure and may have included too many lines to the face. I tried to find the structure to match aspect that makes his face such as his cheeks, eyes, mouth, nose and forehead.

Faces mood board.png

Here’s a mood board that I created of photos of various people’s faces.


Here are my drawings of some of theses faces. I have chosen You Tubers Juan Ortiz (channels: SomeCallMeJohnny, Super Gaming Bros), Will Ryan (channel: DA Games),  Nathan Smith (stage name Nathan Sharp, channels: NateWantsToBattle, NateAndDookie), Ryan (surname unknown, channels: Bazamalam, 8-Bit Gaming) and Mark FischBach (channel: Markiplier).  My drawing skills when it comes to close up of faces isn’t that great, especially when it comes to trying to make them small to fit on the paper but not too small so that you can still see what they look like.  Bazamalam didn’t go as well as I had hoped as he doesn’t look much like the photo. You may also see a face that seems to be rubbed out, that face was meant to be Ryan (surname also unknown) from 8-Bit Ryan who is also part of the 8-Bit Gaming YouTube channel. I wanted them both to be in the drawing but it didn’t go too well so I wanted to remove him from the collection of faces.


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