Unity Game

In Ant’s lesson, I am creating a small game to practice my coding skills as well as develop an understanding for it. So far, I created a small room and imported a character pack so that I would have the model set up. I had imported a model that I had created to make the scene.


Finding the code for the door to open within proximity was a bit challenging to find since I would get a lot of searches resulting in code for opening the door when it is clicked on which isn’t what I had wanted.

As a separate part of my coding practice, I managed to code an object rotating so that I can showcase a model that I had created in Maya.


Here I show what my PlayStation 3 model looks with it textured. The model was created back when I created my room project and I thought that I should use it to practise the code to give a detailed look at my model. I didn’t want to put a basic cube as it would look uninteresting plus some of my other models didn’t import all that well. for some reason the screen of the Wii U became see through.


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