Portfolio Thoughts.

Recently, I have had to showcase my portfolio of my work that I have done throughout the year. My portfolio was a PowerPoint presentation which consisted of different pieces of work from all different parts of my course: Art, coding, modelling, animations and VFX. I started off with the modelling since that was where I felt most confident in then ended on my coding which was my least comfortable topicps4-screenshot-8

JeremieTop down gameplayHarrison Ford crushed betterSunset TreeIdent screenshotnightmare-bonnie-finished

Here are some examples of my work. In my presentation, I was very nervous throughout my presentation and I think that it definitely showed. Although I was complemented on being enthusiastic as well as showing care about my work, I think that I was rather laughing a bit with the nerves. I also was running out of times so I couldn’t show much of my games which I think I should have managed my time better. I had been rather in a panic since some of the videos wouldn’t go onto the PowerPoint so I had to put links in a separate word document so it wouldn’t look out of place in the PowerPoint.

I was complemented on my enthusiasm as well as how I put my own twist in some of the work; however, they would have liked to seen more of the games that I worked on due to have not having spent enough time on them and since my games had a bit more going for them the previous year compared to this year.


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