World of Imagination

Within college, we have to work on a group project where we select which out of the six options that we want to work on. I chose to work on the second option which was create a 3D animation showing the relationship between two characters. I was put in a group of 4 people including me who chose to do that option as well. We are working on the relationship between a boy and a robot that he built which develops over time. We named the animation project Mechanical Bond and organise the things that need to be worked on, which roles that we take, an other content that will help us such as contact numbers, mood boards and other images on a website called Trello.

Trello screen shot

Alex H works on the storyboard of the animation and researches on how we could show the relationship between the boy and the robot and is the leader. Alex T works on the character model and rigs it whilst working on his animations. I work on the concept art for the robot along with modelling it and animating it. Wesley works on the some of the environment objects along side me and Alex H. We have until Christmas to work on this animation, work to make sure that everything checks out.





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