Using sketch up for storyboards

Today, I was using models within Sketch Up to help with drawing storyboards. I downloaded a house model from a website called Warehouse and imported it into Sketch Up. I downloaded it as a Colada file so that Sketch up would see the file as well as unzip the folder after it was downloaded. I then opened Sketch up and imported the file into sketch up. Then I went into the “window” tab and selected “styles” so it would change the outline to match the storyboard look. Then I when on the “window” tab again and selected the “scenes” option so that I could create an angle for a scene and select which angle I want to put in the storyboard.

House shot 1

After have the scene that I want to use being selected, I export it as a 2D graphic and save it in a location where I can easily find it. Then I open the file in Photoshop and draw using the house as a template.

garlic house

Storyboards may also follow a rule of thirds to keep the audiences interest and make them look at what needs to be seen.

rule of thirds

“You may have noticed your camera has an option to show its grid. When shown on your display, it breaks the horizontal screen down into 9 even squares. This makes three horizontal and three vertical spaces. The idea is to place your subject in either the top, bottom, left or the right third of the screen. The middle is the known “no no” placement. The idea is that you want to split the image into a 1:2 ratio (one third and two thirds), instead of in half.” – Peter Davidson,

Concept art rule of third

In this concept art, there are multiple objects of interest. The helicopters and the monster attacking so the helicopters are used as a diversion to stop the viewers eyes from drifting of the screen and they will look back at the monster.


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