Crash bandicoot

General rules: Avoid hazards, break boxes, get to the end of the stage, collect the gems (optional additional goal for completion).

Characters: Crash Bandicoot, Tanya Bandicoot, Dr Neo Cortex, Dr Nitrus Brio.

Environments: First map has more natural level environments with a large emphasis on the jungle area with some more tribal areas and water levels. The second map is more focused on the temple environments. The third map is more machine focused the laboratory and factory level design.

Goals: Stop Dr Cortex from his evil plans and save Tanya from his clutches.

Crash soryboard shot

This is a storyboard for the first stage in Crash Bandicoot 1 from the N.Sane Trilogy. There are multiple different stages of the level which I designed in Photoshop. I got some images of the stage from the internet and traced over the top the image. Using tracing isn’t uncommon as it is a method that people use. They usually make some 3D models within a software called Sketchup to make a quick scene then put the image of the scene in a software like Photoshop and trace over the top. This is especially helpful when trying to get the right particular angles for a scene to make the 3D look right.







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