Synoptic Project Pitch

Currently, I am working on a pitch for my Synoptic project idea. My current idea is a Virtual Reality horror walking simulator. The name of my game idea is called The Flooding Fear. You play as a character that is investigating an abandoned power plant that was originally made to purify water, taking out the pollution out it so water would be a safer living environment for animals that live under water. The place was turned into a power plant and uses water to produce electricity. A woman had been reported missing within the facility resulting in a police investigation. The woman’s body wasn’t found and the investigation failed since no one knew where she was nor if she was still alive or not. The player is a relative that believes that the police were either lazy during this investigation or may be hiding something and decides to go into the power plant to search for the woman’s body. The intent is to be sure if the body is around and confirm if she is still alive or not. After entering the building, the main character starts looking around the building, collecting keys to unlock the doors. Whilst exploring,  boxes fall and water drips from the pipes. Puddles of water on the floor and the walls are wet from the leaking pipes. A loud crash comes from one of the offices resulting with player deciding to have a check to see what caused it and finds that one of the tables is broken in half along with a flashlight nearby. The player picks up the flashlight which results in all of the building lights turning off. The player turns on the flashlight and has a look around then notices a shadow moving to the main generator room. The player follows the shadow into the main generator room and notices a figure which then sees the player and catches them resulting in a black screen which ends the demo.

Synoptic storyboard

The main theme around my game is water.  It is the main aspect of my game since it is used to power the building, water runs in the pipes, and water is leaking around the building. With it either being water footprints, leaking pipes or large puddles. The monster is also water themed since the person went “missing” in the building, her soul has bonded with the water surrounding the place.

Horror monster concept 1

Horror monster concept 2

Here are some of my concepts for the monster of my game. The cut mouth I was inspired by Alice Angel from Bendy and the Ink Machine. I included cuts on her body to make her more creepy but has water pouring out instead of blood. The second design I replaced a standard flesh arm and had it made from water instead. For my idea, I’ll need 3D artists/animators, programmers and sound designers to make my game work. 3D artists will create the models for the games’ environment as well as the character and monsters model. The main character won’t need much detail in the model since the game will be in first person so the player will only see the arms and possibly legs when moving. The monster will be seen for a small amount of time near the end of the game so she may not need too much detail especially since it will be a bit dark.



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