Synoptic Project pitch

During college, I am currently working on the synoptic project with my group. But before we started working on the project, each of us had to create a pitch to try to convince people to work on our game idea. My game idea was a Virtual Reality horror walking simulator called The Flooding Fear. My game was targeted toward teenagers and adults that enjoy the horror game experience. The game was more focused on environmental horror as being attacked by the monster would only occur at the end so there would be water dripping from the pipes, boxes falling over, tables being smashed in half, water foot print and puddles.

Alex Short Synoptic Project

I had made a PowerPoint that included what may game idea was, reference images for what the game and the monster could look like as well as concepts for the level, the monster and even drew a map, and what roles that is required for my game idea. I forgotten to include a section explaining the minimal viable product which would have helped improve my presentation; although, I did explain what rooms in the map where necessary to the game and which rooms could just be locked doors with nothing behind them.

Doing digital drawings may have helped the presentation of my artwork; however, I still find doing digital art difficult so I will have to try to make my drawings darker to make them easier to see. I should have also try to have practised more on my presentation so I could explain my game idea clearer and be more confident in showing it off. I had forgotten to include some components into my pitch so next time, I should go back and check what needs to be included into my presentation to be sure that my presentation has the requirements necessary.




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