Synoptic Project

For my Synoptic Project, I’m working on a game called Catacombs which was my first vote when we were doing the pitches. It’s a walking simulator where you explore the catacombs and try to reach the exit. I’m the 3D artist/animator for the game. My current objective is to make the characters arm carrying a lantern and animate it’s movements. The lantern model is currently completed and I have also UV unwrapped and textured the model.

Lantern old render 1

Lantern old render 2

Here’s the untextured older version of the model. I have mad some small updates such as edit the UV since I had the UV set as multiple texture maps since I had 6 texture maps for the model. I completely redone the UV by selecting the faces and planar mapping the UV’s. The middle part of the lantern with the glass was separated into half, the handles where used automatic to set the UV map out, I cleaned up the model and used the layout to set out all of the UV’s so it looks tidy.

Lantern UVThis is the UV for my lantern model. I used the Layout in my UV editor to make the UVs more organised and neatly laid out. I took a screenshot to make it easier to see than if I saved the image using UV snapshot.

Lantern render

This is the textured version of the lantern. I textured the lantern in Substance Painter using smart materials to give it a more realistic look.  I wanted it to have a rusted look to give it an old look. The main issue I had with texturing the model is the glass paint going onto the ring around the bottom of it. There is no way to get rid of it and when I fill the face, some of the fill goes on the next face. I had to texture the model a couple of times. I wanted to make the light in the lantern render but unfortunately, I don’t know how to make the textures that are transparent in Substance Painter be transparent in Maya. I couldn’t get the lighting to work nor find anything that would help me at this moment.

Arm render

This is my current progress on the arm model, I imported the lantern model first so I could model the hand around the lantern.

Arm render 2

This is how the hand model actually looks when making the model. The hand model above it is the smoothed version that happens when you press 3 with the model selected. I’m still working on modelling the full arm so the lantern is further away from the camera and makes the environment easier to see where the character is going.



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