Update on Synoptic Project

Throughout the past few weeks, I have been  working on the Catacombs Synoptic Project with my group. We are finishing up the preproduction stage which still  has some bits and pieces finishing up.  I have been working on some concept art during the process whilst making some model as creating a research mood board to help me create the artwork.

lantern-concept.pngTorch conceptcatacombs-concept.png


Here are some concept drawings that I had made for the game. This will help me with making the models.  I also made some models that I have UV unwrapped and textured.

Lantern SP render

arm arnold render 1

arm arnold render 2

arm arnold render 3

The current progress of my work is going well as I need to start rigging the arm for animation. I have also currently been assigned the task of modelling the skull which I shall start working on soon.  The current progress of our synoptic project is going rather well as we communicate well, understand the roles that we are taking and know what needs to be done.


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