Catacombs update

Currently still in the development of the Catacombs Synoptic project, I have made some updates to my models as well as made a new piece of concept art and working on a new skull model.  First off I have made a small update to the arm model.  I have smoothed it to give it the round look that I had in my last update since I found out that it’s only a preview and wouldn’t look like that in the game. I have also been rigging the model so it is ready for the animation process which I will start to work on once the skull has been textured. Arm rigged ss

The model of the lantern was imported for animation purposes. The model is skinned so the limbs move accordingly.

Next I have made a new concept art for a religious stone cross that will be used as wall decoration in our game. I have used a mix up of different art designs  to make my own design for the cross. I have included some various patterns in my art and shaded it in pencil like my previous concepts.

Religious stone cross concept.png

Finally there is the skull model. I have had some issues making the model.  It’s quite a complex model to make and I have been advise to sculpt it but that hasn’t really helped since I’m not skilled with sculpting.  In my attempts to make the model, my first rather “complete” model didn’t look as well as I had hoped.

Skull early model


Skull updated model


As you can see, the quality of my new model is much more improved then the quality of the old one. With the help of my lecturer,  I have managed to develop a much more realistic looking model. I have finished with the textures and can work on other jobs that need to be completed.


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