Catacombs game update

Continuing on from my last update, I have been continuing to make some more models and sketches for my Catacombs synoptic project that I am working on. First off, I have made a stone tablet that could be used as decoration for the level environment or as an interactable that could be picked up by the player and viewed.


Here is my concept for the stone tablet. I tried to give it an old, rather broken look with some cracks and broken edges.

Stone tablet wireframe renderStone tablet render 1

Stone tablet render 2Stone tablet render 3

Here are the renders of my stone tablet model. I gave it a texture with text on it for the front of the tablet off the internet along with broken stone texture for the back and outside of the of the tablet. I imported the textures into my “texture” files within Substance Painter so I could apply it onto my model.

The next thing that I have been working on is an axe that could be used as a trap for the synoptic project if we have enough time to implement the coding for it. If there isn’t enough time to implement the code into the code then it could be used as decoration in the game as a malfunctioning trap or something in the game.

Axe initial sketch

Here’s my concept for the axe model that I could use in the game. I wanted it to have a rather basic look to it so it would suit the catacombs environment.

Axe wireframe renderAxe render 1Axe render 2Axe render 3

Here are the renders of my model. I went for a rather simple look for my ax model. I have made the edges rather rusted and not really shiny so that it can have a rather old look to it. Currently I’m working on a variety of bones.  I have only made concept art for it and will start to work on the models when I can.


As for the current progress of the game development, things are going really well. The team is communicating properly, models are working as they should, textures work properly, we all have access to each others work such as models  and textures so other members of the team can use it.

Catacombs level

Here is how a scene in our game currently looks.  There isn’t a ceiling as we are still in the process of placing objects inside of the levels so we haven’t included ceilings yet. It’s still a work in progress; however, I think that things are going rather well at the moment.


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