Sniper rifle model

Outside of my synoptic project, I have had a personal project where I make a high poly model of a sniper rifle. I have been working on this model for a rather long time  as I have had other works to focus on such as the imagined worlds project, synoptic project and various other works. This model contains 18,474 verts, 37,518 edges, 19,154 faces, 36,708 tris and 35,950 UV’s. It’s the highest poly model that I have made to this point.

Sniper rifle render 1


Sniper rifle render 2


Sniper rifle render 3

Here are some renders of my textured model that made within Substance Painter. I had also rendered the model within Substance Painter using the Iray mode. I think that some of the textures look a little odd which is most likely because I used automatic to layout the UV’s for quickness.  I think that I should have made different texture files onto the model so the UV’s could be more spread out to allow more detail into the model.

Sniper rifle wireframe render 2

In terms of the model itself,  I think that I have done a rather good job at it. My models aren’t usually this high detailed as the poly count is usually much lower than this. I believe that the main flaw with the model was the UV unwrapping as I wasn’t exactly sure how to break it up so i used automatic for quickness. I think that if I broke up the model textures ti individual sections then the textures would look better.


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