Non-diegetic sounds

Non diegetic sounds are sounds that don’t naturally come from that scene. Examples of these sounds can be music that is playing but doesn’t have a source or a narrator talking. The sounds aren’t caused by anything happening in the scene. They aren’t something that you would hear in a particular scene such as the narrator talking or music playing with no source that it comes from.environment

Looking at the image above. There is no people around in the image so hearing someone’s voice talking would be a non-diegetic sound since there is nothing that would make that particular  sound. Music can be another example of non-diegetic sounds since there is no radio or cars around in the scene so there is no source for it.

Movies tend to use non-diegetic sounds at the starting credits to try to get viewers into the movie before it properly starts and in some action scenes like preparing for battle or a competition. It keeps the viewers interested listening to music or narration helps the audience get an idea of what is going on/or help set the audience up for the events that are going to take place.



Self Assessment

In my Imagined Worlds group project, I am required to make the model of the robot which is the main asset in our animation. I am also required to texture it, rig it and animate it. I have created some concept art for this model before setting on making the model.  I have managed to make the low poly and high poly models; however, that is as far as I have gotten due to having some issues using the curves tools as well as naming around 66 body parts, parenting parts together and group along with setting a UV map layout for a set group of body parts.

In order to complete my task, first, I must import the low poly model into substance painter so that I can start to back the high poly model onto the low poly. Then I can start texturing the model. Once that is complete, I can apply the texture file to the model in Maya and start to work on rigging the model so that I can start to work on animating it.

In order to complete my work, I need the other assets models from my team mates so that I can get my model to animate around the environment as well as interact with some of the models. I need objects such as the table so I can animate it laying then getting up when the boy is finished making the robot.

Looking at my low poly (left) and high poly (right) models, I think that it has a toy like robot look right. The issue I had with tris has been fixed so there are only quad polygons in the model. I may need to figure out how I am going to animate the eyes since I think that it will be texture animated instead of having a model animate. That will be something that I will have to look into. I think that the main issues that I had making this model has been fixed such as naming the body parts and parenting everything.

I could look into some tutorials to see how I could get textures to animate as well as any substance painter tutorials that may help improve the look of my model.

Crash bandicoot

General rules: Avoid hazards, break boxes, get to the end of the stage, collect the gems (optional additional goal for completion).

Characters: Crash Bandicoot, Tanya Bandicoot, Dr Neo Cortex, Dr Nitrus Brio.

Environments: First map has more natural level environments with a large emphasis on the jungle area with some more tribal areas and water levels. The second map is more focused on the temple environments. The third map is more machine focused the laboratory and factory level design.

Goals: Stop Dr Cortex from his evil plans and save Tanya from his clutches.

Crash soryboard shot

This is a storyboard for the first stage in Crash Bandicoot 1 from the N.Sane Trilogy. There are multiple different stages of the level which I designed in Photoshop. I got some images of the stage from the internet and traced over the top the image. Using tracing isn’t uncommon as it is a method that people use. They usually make some 3D models within a software called Sketchup to make a quick scene then put the image of the scene in a software like Photoshop and trace over the top. This is especially helpful when trying to get the right particular angles for a scene to make the 3D look right.






The elements of a story

The story The Hunger Games. The Hunger Games is set in the distorted future about a young woman called Katniss Everdeen. She hunts for food to provide for her family along with a guy named Gale. She lives with her mother and sister in District 12 in the country Panem. The Capital of Panem have a yearly annual event called the Hunger Games. Katniss’ sister gets put in the Hunger Games; however, Katniss volunteers herself to take her sisters place and gets put in the Hunger Games as there are two people from each District that participates in this event. A male and a female. She gets put with a guy called Peeta Mellark and is trained by Haymitch Abernathy. Their relationship grows over time.

Characters: Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark, Haymitch Abernathy, Gale Hawthon, Promrose Everdeen, Effie Trinket, President Coriolanus Snow.

Theme: distorted future, competition, survival.

Two strangers are put together  and have to train together with the help of a mentor to be able to last through the Hunger Games against the other competitors. There can only one winner which means that the two have to go against each other. When Katniss and Peeta are the last two competitors remaining, only one can leave so they decide to attempt to kill themselves by eating poisonous berries to deny any winner to the Hunger Games which causes problems in the system and the two get allowed to live and both become the winners of the Hunger Games.


Establishing shots in storyboards

Establishing shots are used to give people an idea of where the scene is set.  The location of the scene being shown is rather important so that the audience knows where the movie is set in and get a general idea of how the area looks in various situations. Take a look at the image below.

establishing shot

This shot gives you an idea of where the scene is taking place, what type of scene it is and what is happening. This shot has a blue sky, calm water, and rather nice weather so the audience knows that the place that they are in and is rather calming. Movies use establishing shots as an introduction. Some movies tend to have different locations or scenarios happening in a current location so they use an establishing shot to make the audience see it.

establishing shot 2

This image is of the same location but, as you can see, it is more dark to let the audience know that it is night time. This could also be used to create a rather sense of dread like in superhero or horror movies when the darkness is taking over. The scenario has changed and it draws the reader in.

Portfolio Thoughts.

Recently, I have had to showcase my portfolio of my work that I have done throughout the year. My portfolio was a PowerPoint presentation which consisted of different pieces of work from all different parts of my course: Art, coding, modelling, animations and VFX. I started off with the modelling since that was where I felt most confident in then ended on my coding which was my least comfortable topicps4-screenshot-8

JeremieTop down gameplayHarrison Ford crushed betterSunset TreeIdent screenshotnightmare-bonnie-finished

Here are some examples of my work. In my presentation, I was very nervous throughout my presentation and I think that it definitely showed. Although I was complemented on being enthusiastic as well as showing care about my work, I think that I was rather laughing a bit with the nerves. I also was running out of times so I couldn’t show much of my games which I think I should have managed my time better. I had been rather in a panic since some of the videos wouldn’t go onto the PowerPoint so I had to put links in a separate word document so it wouldn’t look out of place in the PowerPoint.

I was complemented on my enthusiasm as well as how I put my own twist in some of the work; however, they would have liked to seen more of the games that I worked on due to have not having spent enough time on them and since my games had a bit more going for them the previous year compared to this year.

Sonic Heroes Analysis

The next game that I will be covering is Sonic Heroes on the PlayStation 2. Sonic Heroes was the first game after SEGA became a third party developer due to stopping making games for the Dreamcast. It was initially made for the Nintendo GameCube but then ended up also making it for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. The capabilities of the PS2 I discussed in the Crash Twinsanity analysis. Sonic Heroes supported a more ‘cartoonish’ feel with much smoother animations, exaggeration in the movements, improved mouth movements and much better looking environments. Sonic Heroes also supports local multiplayer although it’s pretty much the stuff that you go through in the single player.

Image result for sonic heroes gameplay

This game actually feels like it was targeted towards kids with how it has the cartoon feel, not really much for story. Team Dark makes things a little more serious with Shadow trying to recover his memory and Omega wanting to destroy Eggman for sealing him up but it’s nowhere near to the extent of Crash Twinsanity or Sonic 06. Otherwise, it’s just Team Sonic stopping Dr Eggman, Team Chaotix trying to pay the rent and Team Rose trying to find Froggy and new comer Chocola Chao (who exists purely to make Cream involved as this is the only time it’s around).

Related image

The biggest problem with this game is the controls. They are very slippery which means that you will find yourself nearly running off of the edge and dying. Also a lot of functions are mapped to one button, mainly the square button (on PS2). This button holds the quick attack (you will probably only use for Espio), Rocket Accel (completely useless), tornado attack (in the air) and light speed dash (which was already awkward). Since the triangle and circle are used for switching characters, square is used for attacking which means that using the light speed dash is unlikely to respond resulting to it messing up and even dying when you have to use it over bottomless pits.

Each team plays pretty much the same with occasional minor differences. Rose’s levels are a lot shorter than the other teams. Dark’s levels are pretty much the same as Team Sonic’s (except Hang Castle at the end) but with stronger enemies and Team Chaotix have mission based gameplay (Mystic Mansion can take over 20 minutes).

Image result for sonic heroes mystic mansion team chaotix

There is also some camera issues such as Casino Park and Bingo Highway which have pinball sections but you can’t see where you are falling so getting out of it can be a pain. The controls also have a mind of their own in these sections as sometimes they don’t go where I want them to go. Control is also an issue in the special stages. The control doesn’t respond to you. You need to collect orbs to build up speed but the controls will have you going all over the place. You will get stuck on the ceiling then slow down as you try to collect the orbs.

Image result for sonic heroes special stage